July Lifefest
  • 5440 SW 37th St.
    Topeka, KS 66614

  • CBC Worship Center

July Lifefest

Guest Speaker Jim Greene, Creation Research Society member

Jim Greene retired twice—initially after 30 years of service in the US Air Force in 2002 and then as a technical and management consultant in 2016. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the USAF Academy and a Master of Science degree in photo-science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Both of his careers were spent working with advanced technologies. Jim has been a member of the Creation Research Society (CRS) for over 30 years. The CRS is composed of scientists that support the Biblical teaching of a recent creation of the Earth and the universe that contains it.

Jim will help us to understand the teachings of evolution, when it started, and where this theory came from. He will also share some reasons why Christians should care about the creation vs. evolution issue as well as discuss which teaching about our beginnings best fits with facts that we can see around us today. The information presented may help you decide how you can respond to this controversy. Please don’t miss this one!

Please bring a dessert to share!