Prayer Gathering: Praying Together
  • 5440 SW 37th St.
    Topeka, KS 66614

  • Worship Center

Prayer Gathering: Praying Together

The Leadership Team is hosting our second night of prayer. This night of prayer will be a little different than the first in that we will be praying together in small groups. The
prayer time will last an hour however for those who would like to stay longer the church will be open during the evening. Each group will have a prayer guide and facilitator.
Please join us for this very special evening of prayer. There will be childcare for children 5 years and younger.
“Praying together unifies us as a family of believers and it allows us to encourage and support one another. Prayer is how we ask for, cooperate with, and rejoice in
God’s plan. The “power” in corporate prayer is in its ability to unify us around God’s will, not to get things from God.”
Why Christians Pray Together, Brenna McCormick


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